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Our mission is to help PLC Programming educators focus on their students and provide them with the best education. This is why we have made PLC3000. This is why we provide you with all free resources below.

PLC Educative Solutions For Factory Automation

Instructions in IL

The programming language Instruction List (IL) is defined by the IEC 61131 standard. It includes the instructions: LD: LOAD ST: STORE S: SET R: RESET the set of basic logic functions: AND OR XOR: eXclusive OR and their complement: LDN: LOAD NOT ANDN: AND NOT ORN : OR NOT To the logic functions are associated with parentheses: AND( OR( XOR( ) ) ) Comments can be added after the symbol: * ...
PLC Educative Solutions For Factory Automation

Mnemonics in the IL Language

At each variable can be associated a mnemonic. It is then possible to use the mnemonic or variable completely transparently in programs. To associate the variable Switch to the input %I0, the variables RedLight and GreenLight to the outputs %Q0 and %Q1 respectively, it is necessary to write: %I0 Switch %Q0 RedLight %Q1 GreenLight ...
PLC Educative Solutions For Factory Automation

System Bits

PLC 3000 has 2 system bits:
  • %S1: for the initialization and setting of timers and counters,
  • %S2: for the initialization of the memory bits. 
These system bits correspond to Rising Edges correlated to the RUN of the Code and the Reset of the scale models ...
PLC Educative Solutions For Factory Automation

Getting Started

Functionalities of PLC3000 are accessible from the exercise catalog, with a login and password. The user is granted access to an index of themes and exercises presenting a sequence in the learning of Automation and Grafcets implementation according to the IEC 61131 standard. Access to each exercise is very easy via navigation between the different web pages thanks to the hyperlinks. For each selected exercise, a web page with several windows appears with the scale model always visible. Buttons (resp. Instructions, Code and PLC) located at the bottom left allow the display or not of these functionalities:
PLC Educative Solutions For Factory Automation

What is PLC 3000?

PLC3000 is an intuitive tool for coding and simulating Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) with various interactive scale models. It has the advantage, from the user's point of view, of using only one page on a web browser. From this web page, the user has access to the exercise topics, to the visualization of the educational scale models, but also to two other sub-windows for programming and debugging, respectively. The code can be written in programming languages Instruction List (IL) or Structured Text (ST) according to IEC 61131 standard. The number of inputs/outputs, memories, timers and counters is not limited. This ...