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Principles of Sequential Logic

Principles of Sequential Logic PLC Educative Solutions For Factory Automation

Sequential logic functions Sequential logic functions are time-dependent. They define the state of output variables according to the combination of input variables, and also by the memorised state of one or more variables. They are often synthesised by flip-flops. The interest of the sequential logic functions is demonstrated thanks to some examples. Basics of sequential […]

Automaton Properties

Automaton Properties PLC Educative Solutions For Factory Automation

IEC 63111-1 compliant PLCs, such as the PLC3000 solution, are characterised by a cycle operation. A cycle is generally composed of 5 phases: 1. reading inputs, 2. scanning the program, 3. writing outputs, 4. communication services, 5. internal functions. The scanning of the program is always done from top to bottom and from left to […]